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Countdown to iPad – iPortal (Use Case 45)

Wednesday 31 March 2010 - Filed under gaps + mobile + Technology

Three geek cheers for iPortal, aka iPad! The power of Mac OS X, Linux and Windows is coming to the iPad. Through the use of VNC (Virtual Network Computing), iPads will be able to control desktops, laptops and servers.

Companies like MochaSoft already have VNC technology working successfully on the iPhone and iPad Touch… see Mocha VNC. Just think of what they’ll be able to do with iPad’s additional screen real estate. Soon computer guys and gals everywhere will be walking around with iPads in their hands and smiles on their faces.

What? Windows on an iPad?

What? Windows on an iPad?

iPad - portal to a whole new world of computing

Countdown to iPad Series – There are countless articles and posts citing what the iPad isn’t or won’t be good at. We think they are wrong. Join us as we celebrate the countdown to iPad’s debut by posting a daily iPad use case. Think of the possibilities!

We have many iPad use case scenarios queued up, but could always use more. Please comment and share your iPad ideas below.

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2010-03-31  »  Russ Leseberg

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