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The SAFE acronym is a reminder that the most effective solutions are Simple, Affordable, Flexible and Efficient. Simple – It is good to be a “solutions” provider, it’s even better to be a provider of “simple solutions.” The most successful technology project/solution teams provide their customers with not only the simplest solutions possible, but further [...]

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The acronym ANSWER serves as a guide to successful communication. ANSWER stands for Accurate, Necessary, Succinct, Written, Effective and Responsive. Accurate – Accurate information is critical to the success of any endeavor. When providing information, verify the source and the data. It is better to have no data than bad data, as inaccuracy leads to [...]

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When building project teams, remember that DREAM Teams are winning teams. DREAM stands for Decision Makers, Representation, Expertise, Ability and Manageability. Decision Makers – Involving decision makers (management) on project teams is essential, but projects represent additional burden on already limited schedules. Most decision makers understand the need for their participation and will embrace decision-point [...]

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It is the personal responsibility of every project team member to add FLAVOR. FLAVOR stands for Follow, Lead, Attitude, Value, Ownership and Respect. Follow – A critical skill for all team members to master is that of following someone else’s lead. In project driven organizations, leadership roles can change from one meeting to the next. [...]

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