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2011-02-27 :: Russ Leseberg // Branding + gaps + thoughts
The Stranger in the Zebra Suit

When I got up this morning I had no idea who Daniel Rothamel, aka: The Real Estate Zebra, was. Less than 8 hours later… I started following him on Twitter, @RealEstateZebra, asked to connect on LinkedIn and found myself blogging about him. Why… you ask? Spend a couple of hours reading what his friends and [...]

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Real Estate Zebra’ hit with trademark suit Real estate agent and blogger Daniel Rothamel — known for years to his readers as the “Real Estate Zebra” — has been hit with a trademark infringement lawsuit by a company that produces a “Zebra Report” and “Zebra Blog” to market its services to real estate agents. Would [...]

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Many of the funniest gaps surface in our conversations. There is often a gap between what we mean to communicate and what we actually say. Though some phrases may not seem funny on the surface, when interpreted literally they can be quite humorous. Two of my personal favorites are “It was the least I could [...]

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2010-06-26 :: Russ Leseberg // gaps + Technology + thoughts
Low Tech is Often the Best Tech

I have heard it said you should never go grocery shopping when you are hungry. How about mower shopping after watching news clips about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill? Well, that is what I did and I ended up coming home with this little baby. While I had other reasons for buying it, such [...]

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2010-05-31 :: Russ Leseberg // gaps + thoughts
Minding the Gaps & Ignoring the Blog

During the last couple of months I have been off minding some very important life gaps. In the meantime, I let the gap between blog posts grow quite large. Hopefully this just means I had my priorities straight. As my nose returns to the ‘blog stone’, I will be back to mixing things up a [...]

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2009-12-26 :: Russ Leseberg // gaps + thoughts
The Power of If (Part 7) – Perseverance

Watty Piper’s The Little Engine That Could, left a permanent impression on me as a child with its simple depiction of the value and power of perseverance. Often during life’s many tests of endurance, my memory of this potent story acts as my own personal coxswain, chanting in my mind’s ear, “I think I can, [...]

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2009-11-10 :: Russ Leseberg // gaps + thoughts
The Power of If (Part 6)

Guiding the perpetual rennovation project that is my character, is a set of heavily-edited and dog-eared blueprints. Like many a budding architect, I move from one building site to another, garnering ideas for alterations to my own master plan. When introduced to Rudyard (RK) Kipling’s poem, ‘If’, I knew I had hit the proverbial mother-lode. While studying [...]

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2009-11-07 :: Russ Leseberg // gaps + thoughts
The Power of If (Part 5)

The next four lines of Rudyard Kipling’s (RK’s) poem, ‘If’, are my personal favorites… If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, And stoop and build ‘em up with worn-out tools: Though I had [...]

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2009-10-25 :: Russ Leseberg // gaps + thoughts
The Power of If (Part 4)

I can think of no better introduction to the next lines of Rudyard Kipling’s poem, ‘If‘, than those of author, public speaker and advisor to world leaders, Anthony Robbins. Mr. Robbins’ counsel, “Goals are a means to an end, not the ultimate purpose of our lives,” soundly echos what I believe Rudyard Kipling (RK) meant when he [...]

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2009-10-17 :: Russ Leseberg // gaps + thoughts
The Power of If (Part 3)

One of life’s most character revealing gaps, that brief moment between provocation and reaction, is solemnly illustrated by Viktor Emil Frankl M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Frankl was a psychiatrist, a Holocaust survivor, and author of the book ‘Man’s Search for Meaning.’ In September of 1942, Dr. Frankl, his wife, and parents were imprisoned in the Theresienstadt [...]

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