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MobileMe & the iDisk Gap (Bridging the gap)

Tuesday 30 November 2010 - Filed under gaps + mobile + Technology

I am a fan of most Apple products and usually do not hesitate recommending them. MobileMe has been a glaring exception. While I consider the overall value of MobileMe to be well worth the $99 per year, the iDisk service has been slow and buggy. Despite an extended marathon on the Apple Tech Support Line and a myriad of in-store genius attempts, the performance has remained ‘iffy’ at best.

Enter Transmit 4 software by Panic Inc. Add Transmit 4 to iDisk and you more than solve the problem, you blow it away. Combining Transmit 4 and iDisk gives you a glimpse into the flexibility and power of cloud-based storage. So Steve, ehh… Mr. Jobs, how about buying Panic Inc. and making iDisk the cloud storage solution it was born to be. Cloud-based computing is only as good as the bridge you take to get there.

2010-11-30  »  Russ Leseberg


  1. Chris Harrison
    30 November 2010 @ 9:05 am

    Transmit 4 is easily my favorite FTP app. iDisk is so painful to use I don’t even bother with it. (Dropbox is a far more elegant solution, and cross-platform to boot.)

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Re: MobileMe & the iDisk Gap (Bridging the gap)

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